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About Sarooj Water

We,Sarooj Water Take The Previlege To Introduce Ourselves As The Leading Suppliers Of Premium Quality drinking Water In Sultanate Of Oman.

we at sarooj water adhere to the highest standards of hygiene used in the production of drinking water. Our production process is carried out using the latest  technologies that ensure that no human intervention occurs. It includes the water treatment process, the manufacture of water bottles and caps, in addition to the distinctive packaging process. This, in turn, made sarooj water one of the leading brands in oman .

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Ground Water

100% Pure Natural

Taste Certified

Intl.Taste Institute - Brussels

Low Sodium

Sodium Less than 1 mg/L



Oman's 100% Pure Natural Ground Water.

Mohammed Riaz & Partner LLC Group

In an unspoiled stretch of desert of oman lies a reservoir of natural groundwater – which is the organic source and bottling centre of sarooj drinking water. Once the water is drawn from this health-giving underground aquifer.

It passes through a refined filtration process to preserve sarooj drinking water’s simply natural and satisfying taste. Our zero-chlorine system keeps the pure water light and refreshing before bottling in a variety of sizes to suit your need

Sarooj Water 250mlx24PCS

This convenient bottle has the equivalent of one glasses of water.This is the size that can be used for all occasions.

Sarooj Water 500mlx24pcs

This bottle has the equivalent of two glasses of water.this handy bottles perfect for people on the go –at the Gym ,playing areas ,social events and more

Sarooj Water 6Ltrx1pcs

This bottle has the equivalent of twenty four glasses of water. This size is suitable for your home and offices