Proper hydration is essential to good health and drinking sarooj water gives you the added boost of natural, earthly minerals to replenish and nurture your body

The reality of dehydration

Dehydration is common, particularly in hot climates; however, many people don’t realize the symptoms Drinking ample amounts of water can help combat this condition as part of your healthy lifestyle

Without sufficient hydration

you may experience any of the following issues



Cardiovascular problems

Digestive problems Constipation

High cholesterol

Memory Loss Headaches and migraines

High blood pressure

Asthma and allergies Skin conditions Premature aging

Arthritis and backache

Bladder and kidney problems

Joint pain and stiffnes

Weight gain

Water is a great way to eliminate dehydration and all of its related problems. It’s far more effective than soft drinks, coffee and tea since they are diuretic – meaning they cause the body to release water instead of retaining it

Healthy habits are acquired in childhood


Proper hydration

Every caring parent invests time and effort to nurture their children’s healthy habits so they grow smart and strong and have an abundant future. A lot of research abounds about eating and drinking habits in a bid to counter the ever-increasing rates of childhood obesity. It is now well known that water is not only the healthiest drink you can give your young ones, but it plays a vital role in overall development.

When you choose sarooj Water, you are selecting water that meets the needs of your modern lifestyle. The only 100% natural water hailing from oman, Sarooj water has the ideal balance of minerals for your well-being, natural glow, optimum health and peak sports performance. Each sip is a natural celebration of the pleasures of life

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